7 Tips to Stay Cool Without Air-Conditioning

  • Published: September 16th, 2012
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As San Diegans experience record-breaking heat, staying cool can be difficult in older homes or any residence without air-conditioning (A/C). This can be a concern for seniors or home-bound individuals who may be sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

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Here are 7 tips to stay cool without air-conditioning and keep your house cool naturally:

  1. Keep the shades drawn during the day.
    When sunlight streams through the windows, it creates a miniature greenhouse effect in your home.
  2. Let the cool evening air in.
    As the temperatures lowers in the late afternoon and early evening, crack a few windows open to let a breeze come through and cool the house. Just be sure to secure and close the windows before going to bed.
  3. Make sure your ceiling fans are running counter clockwise.
    Most modern fans will have a little switch on the side to reverse their direction. You want the fan to go clockwise in winter to push warm air down and reverse it in the summer to circulate cool air.
  4. Drink icy beverages.
    Ice-cold water or ice-tea can help to quench your thirst and beat the heat.
  5. Dress appropriately.
    Loose-fitting, light clothing goes a long way toward keeping you cool.
  6. Grab a towel.
    A towel soaked in cold water is a great way to cool down. Apply it to your neck, wrists, and forehead for some relief during the hottest part of the day.
  7. Avoid the stove and oven.
    Both of these will add unnecessary heat to the house. Your rice cooker, slow cooker, and pressure cooker are other alternatives to heating up the house with the stove or oven.S

In addition to these tips, Becky Striepe provides more information on staying cool in her care2.com article.

If you know of a neighbor or loved one living alone, take a moment to check on them and make sure they are fairing well with the current hot weather; perhaps, you can share these tips to help them stay cool naturally.

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Communications Executive, Social Media Aficionado, Caregiver Advocate. Currently serves as the Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations at San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine, a non-profit community-owned healthcare organization since 1977.

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